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Partner Christian E. Rodriguez Helps Client Secure Recovery In Excess of $600,000.00

Miami, Florida (April, 2018) — Partner Christian E. Rodriguez secured recovery for a client in excess of $600,000.00 U.S.D. after a bank allowed unlawful wire transfers out of the client’s bank account.

In December of 2017, an elderly Venezuelan citizen’s bank account in the United States, containing his entire life savings, was frozen. When the client called the bank, they were unwilling to release him any information and demanded that he present himself in the United States. Due to his inability to obtain a travel visa to come to the United States until April 2018, he learned that the account had been frozen as a result of two wire transfers, initiated online, in excess of $600,000.00.

Trembly Law Partner Christian E. Rodriguez took the bank head on, and the bank immediately referred the matter to its fraud and legal department, refusing to provide any information. Mr. Rodriguez proceeded to file complaints with the FBI and IC3. Due to Mr. Rodriguez’s diligent efforts, the bank’s executives met, agreed to withdraw their rejection of the client’s complaint, and issued the client a full refund of the monies that were wired out of his account without his authorization. After approximately three (3) months of knowledgeable and zealous advocacy, Mr. Rodriguez and his team secured the return of all the monies to the client.

Trembly Law successfully handles all types of lawsuits and contract litigation matters. Trembly Law Firm’s Litigation Department is Chaired by Partner Christian E. Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez works closely with the Firm’s stellar litigation associate David E. Wolff, in representing clients before State and Federal Courts in Florida.

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